Team Unlimbited created a 3D printable product that can only be described as one of the best pieces of engineering and ingenuity we have ever seen.

Their arms help Limb Different children gain confidence in so many different ways and never cease to make them smile.

Not only did the charity create the fantastic design but in an act of pure kindness made the designs open source and available to anybody free of charge. Their vision like ours is to make children with limb differences feel happy.

We have the facilities to create these arms for any child that would benefit from and love to have one 100% free of chargeThese can be customised to a theme or colour choice that your child likes the most. Just send us an email at and we will happy to discuss this with you.

However if you are feeling adventurous and fancy a challenge, you too could make an arm yourself. Below is a link to The Team Unlimbited Files for the arm our son uses and also a site where you can purchase a good quality reliable 3D Printer. If you have any questions and would like any help with printing we will gladly help you.