LimbBo Adventure Day 2021

We are excitedly planning our Adventure Day for 2021. It seems so long since we all met up. The good news is that as LimbBo has grown so have our get togethers!

Look how tiny they were in 2018

We have 50 limb different children and their families attending. If you add in activity leaders and volunteers there will be over 225 people there on the day.

We've had so much support already. Cawthorne Cricket Club have been awesome and we have been really humbled by their support. Bapp for Bolts, as ever, have stepped up to pay for t shirts and bags.

Amaze Lab


Stories Alive

Plantlet culture

Jiu Jitsu

Naomi James

Above are just a few of the people who have offered help, time or resources. Thanks in advance to the volunteers, the artists, the sports people, the marquee owners, the cooks, the authors ... the list is endless and apologies if I've missed people.