Activity Day August 2019

#TeamlimbBo came together in style yesterday for our second Activity day. 87 people in total aged from 5 months to grandmas!

Easily recognisable in our LimbBo shirts sponsored by Bapp for Bolts, we were unmissable - BUT we were unmissable in other ways too.

The group was made up of strangers or people who had met once before but quickly became a group of friends, laughing, smiling, teasing (we won't mention the 'lost' baby who was safely tucked up in his pushchair all the time we were looking for him :) ) comparing arms, sharing experiences ... there was a real feeling of being a team.

People stopped to ask who we were, look at our devices and chat to our children.

These children who never stopped all day, who ran, climbed, played and ate and then came back to eat some more! They used their little arms, their feet, their chins, their mouths to hold food or rounders bats. They climbed with no fear. They were with their peers, their equals and they were safe. No one hid their limb difference as for once they were surrounded by others like them.