What a whirlwind - just an update

What a roller coaster of a couple of months for LimbBo Foundation! Tommy started school, Pirate Camp with the Never Say Never Foundation, Receiving charity status, Trustees meeting, coffee morning, Winners of Pride of Barnsley Exceptional achievement award, creation of our 20th Team Unlimbited arm, design and testing of our limbo bike adaptation and exploration of new funding avenues… and breathe.

It never fails to amaze me how kind and supportive people are. Our children are awesome and deserve all the support that we can give them but it’s just so humbling when people just step up and say ‘yes we’ll help you.

Team Unlimbited continue to support us with their time, expertise and encouragement. The Never Say Never Foundation are just beyond words – look at these photos below from Pirate Camp and tell me you don’t have something in your eye!

Our latest development of an adapted bike is here but Adam and Tommy delivered it to the Wirral on Sunday to our tester, Kobi. Halfords gave us a bike to use as a test – how amazing is that? Thank you – we are hoping to work with them to get more bikes to limb different children.

All our assistive devices are completely free and will always be so but we need to work hard to ensure that we have the resources and money to keep doing our work.

At the minute it costs us around £25 to produce an arm - (we have had some people offer to sponsor an arm but I need to ask permission to share this first ) but we then put a themed present into the package and post so £35 would cover the cost of this package.

The bike fully adapted and helmet costs us around £200 so we approached some people for donations of prizes yesterday. Words fail me at the generosity of people.

Barnsley Football club have given us 2 complementary tickets.

Crown House Publishing have given us a set of children’s books – these are amazing and I’ll be getting a set for Tommy and LJ