LimbBo Honoured To Receive Proud Of Barnsley - Exceptional Achievement Award

A few months ago myself and my wife Katie were contacted to say that that we had been shortlisted for a Pride of Barnsley award. We were extremely honoured to even be considered for one of these prestigious awards.

We were invited to the ceremony held at the Barnsley Metrodome which included a nice meal and entertainment. We sat and watched awards for incredible individuals been given out. Our category was then announced and we sat nervously watching the pre-filmed video we did a few weeks before on the screen trying not to laugh at ourselves!

"The winner is Adam & Katie Dengel - The LimbBo Foundation"

It took a few seconds to sink in to say the least...."did she just say us??" we said with a nervous laugh!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would win, the calibre of nominees in our category were incredible and full of stories of inspiring achievement and they deserved to win too.

We set out to help children, not for personal recognition but it was incredibly humbling to have been recognised for our work.

Thank you to everyone who has congratulated us and to those who have helped us get this far.

With a headache from last night's celebrations, we get back to work!

Thank You Barnsley !