Introducing the LimbBo Adapted Bike For Limb Different Children

We set many goals when this charity began and one of them was to make riding a bike much easier for children missing upper limbs.

This is 8 months in the making .......

Many concepts were thrown around but the 2 that stuck out were to make bikes more stable to ride without leaning and being able to stop properly and safely.

Cups have been around for a while but most were just stationary and had little movement. We designed an ergonomic cup using Fusion 360 which narrows in the middle. This means that the majority of "little arms" can fit in with plenty of room while still having a narrow surface to push against to make the handlebars turn with a single size for a specific age group. Larger versions have also been modified for older children / teenagers.

The Cup is connected to a 360 degree ball joint meaning movement in any direction and gives more control to the user.