Our first limb difference book is complete!

When we started LimbBo we had a few ideas that turned into goals to benefit limb different children and raise awareness of exactly what limb difference is.

One of these goals was to create a book that shows young people exactly that. Our aim was to educate not only children but also adults who may have not seen or been in touch with limb different child before.

We wanted to show that these kids may look different but they are the same as any other happy child their age. We wanted to show their courage and determination and how wonderful they really are to others and hopefully gain understanding and respect. We hope this has a positive effect and prevents bullying in later life.

All the illustrations in this book were hand drawn by GCSE art pupils at Darton College in Barnsley. These pupils were given this task after their teacher Mrs Hudson asked if the college and its pupils could help us create our book by letting the pupils express themselves and showcase their work publicly by means of creating illustrations from photographs of Tommy.

These children are 15 years old yet they put real thought, care and attention into showcasing what they can do and helping other children in the process. We are over the moon we can incorporate their work into this book and I think you will agree their work looks fantastic.

Darton College Year 10, Mrs Hudson, we salute you and thank you so much for taking the time to help our foundation and hundreds of Limb Different children in the UK.

We currently have the book on our online store st www.limbbofoundation.co.uk if you would like to purchase one for yourself, your child or local school / nursery. All profits will go directly back towards helping limb different children.

Hopefully this is no1 in a long line of books in the future :)