Northern Rocks - A heartfelt thank you

Northern Rocks is an educational conference held in Leeds that boasts an attendance of over 500 teachers from across the UK.

This quote was taken from their website about why the event is held

"We’re committed to our principle that education exists to make the world a better place and that that future lies in the hands of our young people"

This sentiment follows our own ideals that children are the future and we should give them every opportunity.

We were approached by the organiser Debra Kidd who said she would like LimbBo to be one of their chosen charities this year. Not only did this boost the profile of limb different children to a large audience, they kindly donated some of the money raised to help us achieve our goals.

So on behalf of everyone at LimbBo thank you Debra and everyone who attended NRocks18, your generosity and kindness will create a lot more smiles!