Another day another WONDERfull smile!

This has to be one of our favourite Team Unlimbited arm builds so far. Francesca's mum Ann contacted us about the possibility of creating an assistive arm for her daughter who is limb different. As soon as Ann mentioned her daughter liked Wonder Woman all kinds of light bulb ideas sprung to mind. Using Tinkercad as an aid we came up with a colour scheme, created 3D stars and with the help of Thingiverse user 3DPurePrint's Wonder Woman logo ended up with a final design!

Making these arms is a tiring job that is done after work and often late into the night. But every time we receive a photo of a child who has just received something that has brought sheer happiness and joy it just makes it a hundred times worth it.

We have said it before and will continue to say it again and again, limb different children are incredibly courageous and deserve to have things that not only help them physically but make them smile. We are just a small cog in the fantastic work that charities around the world are doing to make this happen.

Again thank you to Team Unlimbited for your life changing open source design, you guys are the business :)