Walnut Creative kindly offer their support to LimbBo !

We are delighted to announce that Walnut Creative - A team of fantastic professional marketeers have chosen The LimbBo Foundation to be one of their chosen charities for the next 12 months.

Their work is inspiring and the team have worked with huge companies throughout the catering sector and beyond.

Recently the guys and girls at Walnut have worked tirelessly on designing our new info flyers and are currently working on other marketing materials for us to expand our reach to limb different children.

Glen Crossland - Walnut's Director Said....

"It’s great to be working with such a great charity that stands for a niche cause that’s out of the mainstream, for this reason when we spoke to Adam we didn’t even think about supporting the cause and just jumped in, our team at Walnut will be supporting every step of the way to help raise awareness and support the core objectives of what LimbBo set out to achieve"

Liam Gilroy - Walnut's Marketing Manager said....

"From all of the team at Walnut we were so glad we could offer our services to LimbBo to help promote the amazing works being undertaken. We’ve seen the passion and drive that goes on behind the scenes of the charity, empowering the lives of kids with limb differences in a creative and meaningful way"

For more info on Walnut Creative please visit www.walnutcreative.co.uk

We are so grateful for their love and generosity........3 cheers (barks) for Walnut! :)