Introducing the LimbBo Cam Buddy - Our first designed and built assistive device!

My Mum is a professional photographer and Tommy has always loved spending time with his Grandma and her cameras. She let Tommy play with some of her smaller cameras and he loved to try and imitate what she was doing and be her little photo helper. However as far as i'm aware not a single camera by a mainstream manufacturer is made left handed.

To them it may seem silly to even consider why anyone would need a left handed camera, you don't need to be ambidextrous to be able to press a button right? Well unfortunately for Limb Difference children missing their right arm this is very very difficult and impossible to see the screen whilst taking a photo.

It saddened me that Tommy and others like him could not use a camera like everyone else, it just felt unfair and I decided I was going to do something about it.

I discussed the ideas I had with work colleagues and after a brainstorming session there was a very basic model to work from.

I spent the following 2 week engrossed in tinkercad trying to design a working aid that would take a picture using only a left hand.

I have only been 3D printing for 4 months and had very little design experience so if I was to say it was an easy ride i'd be lieing!

After lots of tinkering I finally settled on what would be version 36 of the prototype!

Once printed I had had to take it step by step during the construction, altering and adapting things until they worked / fit. Finally once all the parts were together I let Tommy try it out.

I'm not normally an emotional person but seeing him beam with joy that he could now do something he was unable to do before, be just like everyone else and be able to be just like Grandma brought a tear to my eye, He gave me a hug and said "Thank you daddy, look I can take a picture now". That will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It's not perfect by any means but i'm proud of what I achieved. The aim of LimbBo was to better the lives of children with limb differences and I really hope this helps and makes kids just like Tommy smile too.