New Arm Day!

Yesterday we had the delight of handing over the Skye arm we've been working on for the past month. Helaina had only ever had an NHS Prosthetic. These are great to get used to having a prosthetic but lack any fun or excititment. We ordered a few suprises such as a rucksack, sticker book, drinks bottle, and a Skye teddy bear to go with it.

It only took 2 minutes and Helaina beamed with joy when she realised she could pick things up with her little arm and just didn't stop smiling. As Helaina left, her new arm still attached, an enormous sense of warmth came over us.

One of our biggest aims as a charity was to pass on the generosity that Greg & Tori had shown to us with Tommy's first arm, and Team Unlimbited for coming up with the idea and designing these arms in the first place.

We'd done it, made a little girl smile and Tommy gained a new friend who was just like him.

Thats what this is all about. :)