Helaina reaches for the Skye!

We were contacted by a gentleman in Sheffield who had heard my ramblings on BBC Radio Sheffield and wanted to know a bit more information as his daughter had a limb difference. He mentioned that he his daughter only had simple NHS prosthetics and thought the idea of Team Unlimbited arms was great. "how much do they cost?" he asked. "A smile is all we need mate" was my reply :)

Helaina and her dad came to visit our HQ and I took measurements and showed them how the arms are made. I asked Helaina how she wanted the arm to look and after some thinking chose 'Skye', for those of you that don't know is one of the girl dogs on the Nickelodeon TV show PAW PATROL.

I went out and bought the brightest pink filament and accessories I could find. With permission from Thingyverse user NoReflexness I used their fantastic Skye badge design, modyfied it and stitched it together using CAD Software to the customised Team Unlimbited Files. I then spent an entire day off trying to get all the layers of the badge to line up and with the help of friends on social media I settled on the final design.

To keep up the theme I split certain sections of the arm and colour coded them accordingly. The stringing is being done today and with a bit of tidying up the arm will be ready to collect soon.

We bought a few suprises so will post photos when the arm is collected :)