Colorful Paper Cutouts


We can only do our work with the support of hundreds of amazing people.We are supported by companies who give their time, services and expertise for free. Not to mention their money! People who organise fundraisers, support at events, organise collections ... all of you make it possible to ensure that we never charge for any of our devices.

Our Supporters


We provide all our our resources for FREE - this was one of our first decisions when we founded LimbBo and with the help of the amazing people on this page we have managed to do that.

Paper Leaves Cutouts
Paper Leaves Cutouts

These are just the tip of the iceberg, it would be impossible to include everything and everyone who has supported us but a huge thank you to those who have swum, cycled, run, climbed mountains, baked, photographed, rattled buckets, served tea, played music, raffled ... the list is endless and you are all amazing x